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Name:Dr. Stephen Strange
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, physician, former neurosurgeon and sorcerer. A man of many names and talents depending on who you ask and in what dimension you find yourself. As a man he came from privileged beginnings but was repeatedly humbled though his experiences and loses until he achieved the kind of wisdom and knowledge his mentor as a sorcerer, The Ancient One demanded, of him.

In a breath his greatest skill is magic, but that term only vaguely covers a wide range of expertise from the occult to the mystic arts and ancient philosophy and ritual. His power comes from a great many sources; primarily invoking ancient and divine beings such as the Vishanti and by manipulating ambient energy sources from our universe and others to perform a great many functions including but not limited to intangibility, banishment, transmutation, telekinesis, flight, teleportation, hypnotism, illusions, time manipulation, inter-dimensional travel, along with any number of conjuring, protection and offensive spellcraft.

[Muse and player legal age. Dr Strange belongs to Marvel, not me. Just fun, no profit.]
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